An amateur musician of stunted emotional growth is reluctant to take care of his young nephew, but as his reluctance grows, his other emotions begin to follow to the fore, meaning he may even become a better, more-rounded person.

Duration:30 min




Season 1 - Uncle
"For Andy, the simple task of looking after his nephew spirals into a bizarre misadventure for the pair as they become involved in a faked injury, a car crash, a visit to a gay club, a lot of lying, and some tough lessons in life."
"Following a series of personal humiliations, Andy is babysitting a sick Errol. After finding out thst his nephew is pretending to be ill to get out of a child\u2019s birthday party, Andy\u2019s determined to show Errol how to become a party monster."
"Andy attempts to get back with Gwen as he enters a battle of the bands. The only problem is though that, he doesn\u2019t have a band. Errol\u2019s acting oddly and it has something to do with a girl."
"Sam drags Andy to a luncheon at her ex's house to provide moral support. Andy is surprised when Errol's other uncle is there also, and gets into a competition for Errol with him."
"Sam attempts to ditch her dowdy sponsor. Errol is away on a school trip. Andy attempts to break up with Shelly, make up with Gwen and also woo Errol\u2019s teacher Melodie."
"Sam and Ben's custody battle is looming. Andy and Errol are offered a record contract. Andy doesn't realise that the producer of the record label is only after the kid."
Season 2 - Uncle
"Errol can not find the courage to ask Ben to drop the restraining order. Sam is now working as a therapist and is finding it hard to deal with a new client. Andy is still stuck in a dead-end job."
"Uncle Andy wants his latest girlfriend to believe that he's mature, Errol wants to show a girl that he is really cool whilst Sam wants Ben's girlfriend, Veronica, to love her."
"Andy is suffering with the flu and after his nephew Errol informs him about a lucrative song contest, he pays a trip to the recording studio."
"Sam ropes Andy into chaperoning Errol's Halloween school dance."
"When Andy hears his Uncle Frank is dying, he thinks it's his chance to get in the will."
"Andy receives a surprise cheque in the mail. Now all he needs to do is cash it."
Season 3 - Uncle
"Andy's living in the basement of Sam and Bruce's new home, depressed over how things ended with Melodie and having cut off contact with Teresa after finding out she was pregnant. Now he has nightmares about the child he's never met, and it's playing on his conscience. Errol, meanwhile, is having Daddy issues of his own, unable to accept Bruce as the man of the house. This is causing Sam a headache, on top of the fact that Bruce is subtly hinting to her that he wants a baby. When Andy's offered the chance to write for a boyband, he has to decide whether financial security is more important to him than artistic integrity, especially when he has a kid in the wings. With Errol's help, Andy goes on a journey of self-discovery to find out whether he can man up and be a dad."
"Things get competitive when Errol and Andy fall for the same girl. Meanwhile, Sam and Bruce feel the pressure of trying to conceive."
"Andy stumbles into a drug-fueled whirlwind romance with singer, Jasmine, and suddenly finds himself engaged. Errol let\u2019s a girl think he\u2019s \u201cexperienced\u201d in an attempt to look cool, and Sam has to find a way of telling the family some life-changing news. Unfortunately, Bruce\u2019s mother and brother are coming to visit and everyone\u2019s struggling with whether to clear the air or hold on to their secrets. It isn\u2019t long before the lies spin out of control and Andy has to face up to some hard truths for the first time in his life."
"Andy struggles to shut off his feelings. Errol struggles to let his in. Sam's life hangs in the balance. An impressionistic exploration of grief."
"Andy and Sam's chaotic parents, Neville and Jane, visit from Spain and announce they are getting a divorce. While Sam obsesses on the fact her mother still doesn't pay her attention, Andy schemes ways to keep his parents together in an attempt to prove he can make any relationship work. And Errol decides to play Ben and Bruce off each other to buy him a trip to Europe. Who will win the manipulation game?"
"When Melodie shows up at Andy\u2019s flat, they finally hash it out and confess their feelings for each other. But after a night of bliss, Melodie is gone. Meanwhile, in his fantasy writing class, Errol spins a fantastical tale of Andy, now cast as a stable boy on a noble quest to find his long lost princess. With the help of a young stable master, Errol, the boys encounter a slew of odd-but-familiar faces in this fantasy retelling of Uncle, and possibly help the real Andy get to the bottom of how he can win Melodie back."
"When Andy\u2019s offered the opportunity of a lifetime it might mean the end of Errol and Andy\u2019s relationship as we know it."